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Hudoq Pig Monster - FINISHED

Basically I did some tweaks on the old model, I've added some palm leaves around the collar, change the lighting, and did some little pose on it.

This is based Indonesian folk tradition called Hudoq.
Hudoq is a thanksgiving festival of many of sub-groups of the Dayak ethnic group of East Kalimantan province, Indonesia.

According to the traditional beliefs of the Bahau, Busang, Modang, Ao’heng, and Penihing people, hudoqs are thirteen crop-destroying pests, including rats, lions, and crows.

I combined the hudoq boar mask with hulking monster body and also with earth elemental design..symbolizing this creature as a destruction in mother nature

Andrew constantine hudoq compose2
Andrew constantine hudoq3
Andrew constantine hudoq monster

Old concept art

Andrew constantine hud con 1

leave concept, done by my colleague